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Facil-Prac Board Makeover

Went over the Facil-Prac Call Board today and did some cleanup.

Gone Forever

Saw some really old cards that have been sitting on the board since back when all ALC Network things happened on that board.  Some real gems include:


Ongoing Topics/Projects

I went through and archived most of the cards in the Facil-Prac Call Board. Since we used to use this board for virtually all virtual project management, some of those cards are still relevant and have been moved to the Ongoing Topics/Projects column on the ALC Network Call Board.


This Should Be a Blog Post

There are a bunch of great topics that ended up in a column To Be Documented over the last couple years. Those items have now been curated and are waiting in a column named This Should Be A Blog Post in the Facil-Prac Call Board. Please look through this column and blog about that stuff!  Because of course you’re always looking for things to blog about. You have tons of time to write blog posts and just no material to write about. Well, here you go. Material.

Seriously though, if you have a card that you added to that list, Please move the card to your personal Trello board so that you might one day blog about it. Or archive it.


Reoccurring Discussion Topics

There’s a bunch of stuff in a new column called Reoccurring Discussion Topics. This column us pretty explanatory.  These cards can remain here and collect notes as the issues are discussed.


The New Flow

I observe that we’ve seen the need for constant and meticulous documentation of facilitations discussions go down. But, I still think some things can do well to transform into blog posts. . . so I’m going to outline this new process – which whoever Coherence Holds for this call going forward can decide to implement or not.

Column 1. Reoccurring Discussion Topics

If people run out of stuff to talk about (as if), check out this column for some discussion material.

Column 2. Discuss This Week

There is tons of new stuff to talk about each week, and it can get recorded here so folks remember to bring it up during the call.

Column 3. In Discussion

This is being discussed right now! We can also put an RSVP card in here. Which for the time being can be helpful, just so that we can get a sense of how many people want to get on to this call each week. It might fill up and need to be split into multiple calls.

Column 4. This Could Be a Great Blog Post

Even though good blogging comes from spontaneous energy most of the time, there are definitely some things that could turn into great little reflection nuggets. Even just little tweet, a little tweet kind blog post of just a couple characters.






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