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Feeling Accomplished

This week I really didn’t get all that much work done, but I did the work that I did with other people.  On Monday I met with @rochellehudson to work on some Endor stuff, and on Tuesday @drew came to visit and we work jammed all three of us.

On Friday morning Drew and I drove to Charlotte to visit ALCMosaic!  Got to see lots more ALFs here in CLT.  It’s great getting together with other ALFs from time to time because it reminds me that I’m a part of this whole cool thing – the ALC Network

Even though I didn’t move all that much into my Done column, I still feel accomplished because I enjoyed my week, and I enjoyed doing the work that I did.


Here are some pictures!

Having buckets of fun working on our shiny macbooks.

More buckets of fun at ALCMosaic!



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