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Endor Agile Learning Cooperative

Things are moving along at Open Space AVL’s new building, the co-working and community center that Endor has called home since last February.


It’s looking like we will have a large area on the ground floor of OSA where Endor can live 24/7/365.  Which is hugely exciting.


Throughout Endor’s five year history, I’ve always played with different ideas of how Endor can be, and I’m pretty happy to have found, what I think, will be its legacy.  The Endor Agile Learning Cooperative.  A whole new kind of ALC.


Participants will be members of the collective and make all the decisions around enrollment and budget etc.  There will be a number of “advisers” to the collective, but no formal facilitators.


It’ll be difficult, but I think it’ll be very interesting as well.


More soon.

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