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Shared Kanban Board

We set up a new kind of kanban board this week.  A shared board, but for personal intentions.

Three Agile Unschoolers, including myself, opted to try it out.  I thought it worked really well, or at least that it could work really well.

The shared board is on Trello, so we established a practice of assigning ourselves to our cards.  The board was set up with nine columns.

  1. Backlog
  2. Ongoing
  3. Monday
  4. Tuesday
  5. Wednesday
  6. Thursday
  7. Friday
  8. Doing
  9. Done

The Doing and Done columns moved down the line as the week progressed, always staying directly to the right of the current day.

I thought it was cool to see what other people were up to, in real time.  I probably work the most on a computer among the three of us, so I was definitely using it and updating it the most.  I personally didn’t comment on other people’s cards and stuff, but I thought having the option to was really cool.

This is definitely quite different than having a public Trello board, because no one really ever looks at anyone else’s Trello board.  If you’re just looking at your own board, it’s a different story.

I’m going to continue using this, and hopefully others will want to join in – making it more powerful.  It’ll be interesting to see how many people this can handle.


  1. Nice implementation. Love the community support and transparency of this. It can be easy to slink off into the background with your work when you feel accountable only to yourself. For clarity, are the three of you working remotely from one another or are you in a shared space? I saw that Agile Unschooling is a group of (7-8?) unschoolers from across the country. Or was it an implementation that just the 3 of you were interested in exploring?

    • Liam says:

      Thanks Abe!
      The whole group meets online, so no we’re not in a shared space.
      The group is comprised of 8 people, including myself.
      Only three of that 8 decided to try the group kanban. Now we’re on the second week of it, and it’s getting more use. I suspect maybe more people will join the board next week.

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