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Agile Unschooling, Week 1

Whoohoo!  We start Agile Unschooling with eight people total.


We have our first meeting on Monday, October 12.


I rearranged my Trello kanban board to have column for each day of the week, instead of just one for “today.”

It went really well and I felt super accomplished at the end of most days and the end of the week.


Picking things from the backlog and spreading them our over the week made it look like I had so much stuff I was going to do, but so little on each day.  Keep in mind that I have about 4 hours of repeating daily stuff that’s gotta happen every day.


It was great.


At our end of the week reflection meeting, only two people were present in addition to myself.  We had a nice checkin, talked about our blogs, set loose intentions for the weekend, and did ∆-up.

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