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Endor Fall 2015

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Alright, I’ll keep this brief because I really just want to write this up for the ALF newsletter Drew is sending.


Due to a number of factors that I’ll expand and reflect on more later, Endor won’t be operating as your typical ALC this fall.


Instead, we’ll be prototyping a kind of Agile Unschooling.  A way for those at home, either Unschooling, or Homeschooling, or Colleging, or what have you, to use the Agile Tools and Practices at home.


We’ll meet regularly online via Google Hangouts to set intentions together, collaborate on projects, and hold each other accountable to our intentions.  This opens us up to have participants (what you might call “students”) and facilitators (CyberALFs) from all over the country/world!


I’ll be visiting Unschooling writer/Legend Grace Llewellyn’s Not Back To School Camp this fall to do a workshop on ALC, aaaand, recruit motivated Unschooled teenagers to join in on this experiment.


How you can get involved

You can become a CyberALF!  If you’re interested, put your name down on this Trello card.  You can also join the #Slack channel agile-unschooling, if you’re on the #Slack, to be a part of the conversation.

If you’re a student, you can join us!  You can join us from your ALC if you want.  Click here to signup to be a part of this flagship internet ALC.

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